42% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.


WordPress is very popular and used by companies of all sizes.

You have probably heard about WordPress already, the most popular self‐hosted content management system (CMS) and blogging software in use today. WordPress powers literally millions of websites on the Internet, including high‐profile sites such as TechCrunch and multiple Microsoft websites. What makes WordPress so popular is that it’s free, open source, and extendable beyond limits. Thanks to a powerful, architecturally sound, and easy‐to‐use plugin system, you can customize how WordPress works and extend its functionalities.

Professional WordPress Plugin Development, 2nd Edition

WordPress powers this website.

When starting this company, one of the first activities was establishing a professional website, and again more recently, this website has been upgraded. This page will share knowledge picked up through this ongoing process.

Picking a theme

Picking a WordPress theme is where people will usually start. There are a lot of WordPress themes to choose from, and it shouldn’t take very long to find one that fits pretty closely, providing a look & feel that looks about right.

Vendors of WordPress themes often throw a lot of example pages together to make a product more appealing and increase the chance of a sale. For this reason, there is a tendency for theme developers to bundle plugins which may increase the appeal that these example pages provide. But, perhaps the most irritating part of this is that having paid for a particular theme, you find that some of the bundled plugins will encourage you for additional subscription payments in return for updates.

It’s not unusual that a purchased theme will also depend on a theme-related plugin. The companion plugin provides enhancements over stock WordPress features that help improve the product.

However, picking a theme would only be the first step. Instead, an experienced website consultant could narrow the choices to favour specific WordPress themes easier to develop a website further.

Page builders

To be continued.