TiePy is a small company started by Steven Robertson in 2020.

The original vision for the company was to develop Augmented Reality solutions. This goal is our 2020 vision. It is a vision for the future and a commitment to research & develop new human-focused solutions for a new age.

TiePy is a business that aims to help other companies exploit technology for growth opportunities. While not exclusively working with the Python programming language, the name of this company reflects a strong belief that Python will become an ever more significant language for multi-disciplinary applications involving domain experts with different professional orientations.

Company Timeline

May 2020Founded
TiePy Founded

Incorporated as a private limited company on the 26th of May 2020.

June 2020Product Launched
Nimatron 1.0 Product Release

Launched first version of the Nimatron plugin for Jetbrains IDEs.

October 2020Product Retired
Nimatron 1.3.2 Final Release

Retired the Nimatron product at the 1.3.2 release due to Jetbrains releasing their own Nim language plugin.

February 2021Sub-contracting Relationship Started
Started working with Wolf Logic

Working with Wolf Logic to help deliver projects for their clients.

November 2021WordPress Website Developed

Developed and launched AlbaFlora Photo, an e-commerce website for digital downloads of artistic nature photography. Read more here.

February 2022WordPress Website Developed

Developed and launched the AlbaFlora website. AlbaFlora is a professional gardening business. Read more here.

February 2022Product Launched
ZX Play (Beta)

ZX Spectrum programming environment for the browser.


TiePy is ready to collaborate with innovators and deliver outstanding solutions